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wireless applications

Does your business require more mobility? In the past, many companies' employees were tethered to a desktop computer to input details about their daily work for analysis and tracking, however the desktop computer is well out of their way during the daily scheme of things. In almost every case, critical details about jobs can be left out or inaccurate because these systems rely on the employee to remember what they did, or write things down and later take the time to re-input the data. Imagine if those same employees could utilize a portable device for data entry, the details about a job's progress can be known in real-time, job costs can be more readily captured since time and cost information will be far more accurate. Other important details can also be accessed live without leaving the production floor or by managers needing to know where to focus their attention.

If any of this sounds like it could assist your business, please contact us for a brief evaluation of your business operations and we can show you how you can streamline processes and increase worker efficiency!

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