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database analysis, design, and implementation

Whether your solution involves On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) or On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), The Object Zone has you covered. Our professionals have built just about any kind of database solution needed to get the job done and on budget. From low-end desktop databases such as Microsoft Access or MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) to federations of enterprise clustered servers, there's no job too small or too big!

database optimization

When throwing more hardware at a database bottleneck just doesn't seem to solve the problem, it's likely you've simply not tapped all of the performance enhancing features of your RDBMS. Our database professionals are well trained and skilled in the ways of Microsoft SQL Server as well as Oracle! Bring us your worst and we'll provide a detailed analysis of your system and what changes you could make that would enhance the performance of your system. If you're interested in scalability, we can also provide database load testing. We can provide reports with the insight you need into how many users your database can handle without buckling.

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