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Express Technologies

Express Technologies had a problem, and The Object Zone answered the call. As a major clearinghouse and reseller of Internet web sites, Express Technologies and it's primary brands, CFXHosting and Half Price Hosting, had an impressive internet presence of no less than 120 servers hosting approximately 50,000 web sites for more than 30,000 individual customers. While working with Express Technologies, the company standardized its hardware platform on the most reliable Compaq/HP server solutions, industry standard Cisco network architecture, as well as implemented a new, more flexible billing system custom developed in co-operation with in-house developers. This new billing system better facilitated automated account deployment, provisioning, and system utilization. The company's numerous data islands where combined into a central data warehouse allowing information workers the ability to step back and see the "big picture." By data mining statistics, they would be able to eliminate wasted IT investments by pin-pointing servers which were under-utilized, had excessive disk-space utilization, or locate problem customers who over-utilized network bandwidth. Additional features included: Automated software deployment through Microsoft Windows Installer service and Active Directory, per server license key tracking, remote management through a web browser, IP address management, and more.

Additionally, The Object Zone developed a massively reliable DNS server architecture built around Microsoft File Replication Services and the industry standard ISC BIND DNS Server implementation. A three server approach involving two primary servers active and load balancing all incoming requests and a third hot-standby server reduced customer outages from a failed DNS server to a near impossibility. "If all of our DNS services are off-line, I'll eat my hat." we liked to say!

Solutions Integrated: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft COM+ / Transaction Server, BIND DNS Services, Windows Scripting Host, DeepMetrix LiveStats Web Analytics

Technologies Utilized:

ASP, Visual Basic / COM, Digital Dashboards, Transact-SQL, File Replication Services, Active Directory, Message Queuing Services, Microsoft XML Parser

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