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IP Development and Consulting of Toledo, Ohio contacted The Object Zone during the Internet boom of early 2000 with plans for a locally oriented search engine which would fill a gap on the Internet for a search engine more personal than your typical search engines by tapping local markets for advertising and providing other location based information, such as events and public membership. The results where a terrific blend of a directory based search engine, a phone book, and other personalized services.

CityDetective.com is no longer online due to market conditions; however it wasn't dropped from lack of functionality. CityDetective.com featured functionality still only implemented on top tier search engines, including an infinitely expandable tree-structure based database, online membership including personals and custom tailored news based on personal interests.

Solutions Integrated: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Technologies Utilized:

ASP, Transact-SQL, Visual Basic

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