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BoatBrowser.com was developed to provide online services and support to boat dealers, boat brokers, and marine retailers, while providing users with an Internet resource to browse new and used boats offered by dealers and brokers in your area. Built and paid for by United Marine Underwriters as a give-back to the community, BoatBrowser.com affords Boat Dealers with major conveniences which benefit them while encouraging them to support United Marine Underwriters through an active partnership.

Through the BoatBrowser.com system, large Boat Dealers have the opportunity to earn referrals through an in-store kiosk system which allows store salespeople to display their inventory of used and new boats for sale and can offer an "instant quote" on boat insurance from United Marine Underwriters. These systems are kept up-to-date automatically through nightly synchronizations with servers at BoatBrowser.com. Dealers input new boats into the system by visiting BoatBrowser.com and logging into their extranet where they will have exposure both on the Internet as well as their in-store kiosk the following morning. Information synchronized include pictures of the boats, their details, as well as an upload of business coming through the kiosk system's quoting system for data mining and tracking purposes.

Additionally, BoatBrowser.com has linked with outside vendors in an effort to allow BoatBrowser.com dealers to share their inventories with additional advertising avenues on the Internet without repeating the boat input process. The Object Zone has repeatedly called upon the fantastic capabilities offered by Microsoft's Data Transformation Services bundled with SQL Server 2000 to make these accomplishments with relative ease.

Solutions Integrated:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Technologies Utilized: ASP, Visual Basic / COM, Transact-SQL, Microsoft Access 2000, SQL Server Data Transformation Services

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