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Airguard Filtration Systems

Founded in 1964, Airguard has grown to be one of the world's foremost manufacturers of air filtration products for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Today, Airguard is an ISO 9001 certified organization with yearly sales in excess of $100 million dollars spanning nine (9) locations.

Airguard has consulted The Object Zone when deploying mission critical Microsoft SQL Server applications where performance and availability were paramount. With our expert assistance, Airguard was able to achieve upwards of 4x the performance in test scenarios just by following some best practices and augmenting the vendor supplied database with several well placed indexes. As a result, Airguard has extended the lifetime of their hardware investment by better utilizing the capabilities of the SQL Server platform.

Additionally, Airguard has called upon The Object Zone several times to fill in where their in-house development and IT staff were stuck and just needed someone with first hand experience and an in-depth knowledge of just how Microsoft Internet Information Services works. Troubleshooting third-party intranet software supplied by Citrix and interactions with a Microsoft ISA Server firewall are just a few examples.

Solutions Used:

Citrix NFuse, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services

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